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Адрес:South Bund 22, 6F, 22 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu near Xin Yongan Lu (中山东二路22号6楼,近新永安路)

Located on the top floor of the revamped historical building at South Bund 22, Zeal is a venue that wows with the view outside and the state of the art multimedia technology inside. The 350m2 u-shaped terrace offers a panoramic view of Pudong as well as the expanse from the north Bund curve to the south Bund stretch. Decorated zenlike with bamboo greenery and sofas, this gem will not only shine just at night but will also be an oasis for lazy brunches in the future. 

Inside, besides the sina qua non music, light and lasers systems, the signature showcase piece is the unique tailor-made 12.5m projection architectural screen that uses video mapping for the first time in Shanghai. This technology plus the warm minimalist interior decor of grey stone and dark wood allows Zeal to switch ambiences from the early chill hours of the evening to late night when the diehard partiers start their groove. For example, a combination of warm toned imagery and famous artwork can create warm, luscious loungey moods for the early hours before slowly dialing up the tempo and style of the projections to hit party mode as the night comes on. 
But a venue is not made of hardware alone, it is the heart of the team that makes the space, and this is where the true Zeal spirit will come alive. One of the promises staked is to provide great service so that the client always feels welcome. Hence the project is also to create a “community” around and among the clients. Zeal is not a membership club but we aim to bring advantages to our community by working with strategic partners to provide some great services not only in Zeal’s venue. 
Summary: good venue, good entertainment, good drinks, good service and good people. That’s all anybody really wants. We hope you will come by.