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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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However, relatively few developers delve into the depths of plugin development. In this tutorial, we will create simple plugin to explain the basics. Our code will reverse the text within one or more selected nodes — view a demonstration page. In a word: re-use. By extending jQuery, you create reusable components that can be used on any web page. Your code is encapsulated and there is less risk that you will use the same function names elsewhere.

Essential jQuery Plugin Patterns

How to write jQuery plugins » Debuggable - Consulting

It allows you to encapsulate functionality into your own plugins, which is a great way to write reusable code. However, jQuery's rules for writing plugins are very loose, which leads to different plugin development practices - some of which are pretty poor. With this article I want to provide a simple plugin development pattern that will work in many situations. If the functionality you would like to encapsulate is large and really complex, jQuery plugins are probably not what you should use in the first place. You'd rather use something like BackboneJS or jQuery. Controller in this case. The semi-colon before the function invocation keeps the plugin from breaking if our plugin is concatenated with other scripts that are not closed properly.

How to Create a Basic jQuery Tooltip Plugin

Believe it or not, one of the most frequently asked questions related to jQuery plugins concerns the customization of their layout. Developers tend to focus on the plugin's code without worrying too much about the default CSS styles attached to their plugins. Since the very first language I did learn is CSS, here are some best practices which I think you may find useful.
You are used to import solutions for complex requiremnts from other coders as jQuery Plugins. And guess what, you can also write your own jQuery Plugins. But why should you do that?
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